Child 1-2-1

Our 1-2-1 swimming lessons follow the same learning journey as our group lessons but your child will be given complete, undivided attention for the 30 minutes of the lesson. This will mean that your child will progress far quicker than in a group scenario, because our instructor will be able to work with your child for longer.

Adult 1-2-1

Learn to swim

1 in 5 adults in the UK are unable to swim – but it’s never too late to learn! 1-2-1 lessons give you the opportunity to learn to swim at your own pace, in a private environment. We follow the Swim England national framework so you learn the correct techniques from fully qualified and enthusiastic teachers.

Technique training

We also have lessons available for adults who are looking to improve their technique. This can be perfect for people who are trying to shave a few seconds off their time if they compete in triathlons or are swimming for a club. Our coaches can help you improve your stroke hugely with specific drills and exercises that are proven to bring results.

1-2-1’s are set up differently to the group sessions. We cover the same syllabus but geared indivually to the student

Lessons are £22.50 for a 30-minute lesson.

We will need to add you to a waiting list for these classes’ whilst coordinators check pool and teacher availability.

These lessons run before and after our core lessons during the week and weekend.

If this is something you are interested in please email the following information to contact us


Days and times, you can attend

Swimming Ability

How many lessons you require

Your mobile number


Our class co-ordinator will contact you directly with availability and prices within a day.