Swimming starts with a splash and a smile…

3mths to 3yrs swimming

Swimming with your baby is one nicest experiences you can do together, building on your natural parental relationship.

Swimming lessons with AQUAnimals offers your little swimmer sensory filled and unique experience which helps them develop confidence in water, as parents it’s something we all want our children to achieve.

During our Baby & Pre-school programme, it is a great way to bond with your little one and also an enjoyable way for you both to relax together and meet like minded people. Away from the fast pace of life, lessons provide time to focus just on your baby or toddler without distraction.

With outcome based stages to complete with Swim England os our governing body, we have spent years developing are own progressive scheme of work incorporating stages to complete that helps develop children into swimmers from an early age. We take a different approach to perhaps other swim schools as our lessons are tailored to the child’s individual needs. We fullfil their desire to have fun and play whilst building their confidence in the water with an overriding principle of play to swim. We find that our approach brings children the opportunity to swim unaided before they start school!

Our Instructors adapt a range of activities to suit each child’s individual needs. Taught in our very own, state of the art Italian made above ground pool, heated to a minimum of 31.5c; our classes incorporate movement to rhyme and rhythm. We have fun exploring different themes each week and no lesson is the same!

Our classes naturally offer children the importance of water safety, including personal survival such as turning to hold on and climbing out. These are invaluable skills that we introduce on lesson one and continue to develop right the way through to school age children.

Baby & Pre-School Classes

All weekday mornings

Baby & Pre-School Classes, 3 months to 3 years:-

Swimming with your baby is a lovely way you can share experiences together in the water. AQUAnimals offers your little one a unique experience where we pride ourselves on creating interesting and varied lessons where they develop confidence  and skills in water; which will stay with them for life.

Together Time

Throughout our Baby & Pre-school programme, our instructors and create time for you to focus on your baby or young child one-to-one until around the age of 3yrs. Swimming weekly creates a schedule and with the lessons being fun, is an enjoyable way to bond with relax together whilst meeting other likeminded people.

Progressive Lessons

We have spent years developing progressive lesson plans in conjunction with Swim England that develop children into swimmers from an early age. We play, splash and have fun with the undercurrent of our approach always there: teaching children to swim!  Our approach to swimming ensures that your child’s needs are best fulfilled and will encourage their confidence in the water.

During AQUAnimals Baby & Pre-school programmes, our teachers adapt the activities to suit each child’s individual needs. Taught in our very own warm pool, our classes incorporate songs, movement around the pool encouraging technique and good body position, all skills that knit together to create confident, happy swimmers.

Water Safety

Our classes offer children the chance to learn that safety around water, is hugely important, including teaching personal survival skills. These are invaluable skills that develop respect and understanding of the dangers in and around the water.

Each week we use a combination of skin to skin, cheek to cheek and face to face holds.  Technical moves, with safety skills and relaxed swims are the combination we use to promote wellbeing and happiness in the water. You will love learning all about the capabilities of your amazing baby in water and how our programme supports their development.

Our classes blend songs, bringing the class together and moving together as a group. Promoting movement and social skills, as well as paired tasks with mum or dad. With swimming and the exercises we us, babies and toddlers gain all round bodily strength and stability coupled with enjoying the relaxation that swimming. Our baby & Pre-school classes are 30mins in duration.

We request that all babies in nappies wear the ‘Double Nappy System’ of a reputable disposable swimming nappy and a well fitting ‘Nappy Short’ over the top.

Pre-Schoolers 3yrs+

Our Pre-School classes are fun and the children love them! This is the stage of their swimming journey where they enter the water with a small class and instructor whilst parents watch from the side.

Baby & Pre-School Classes

All weekday mornings